Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our First District Meeting

Our first assignment in the mission was in the Concourse District of the Kingsbridge (Bronx) Zone. We attended our first District Meeting on August 2, 2015, at the Kingsbridge Chapel.

The Kingsbridge Chapel is located at the corner of East Kingsbridge Road and Valentine Avenue, in the Bronx, New York. One of the great features of the building is the underground parking lot, the door to which you can see in the lower-right corner of the photo. The building is next to the Kingsbridge Road Metro Station, so those who use public transportation can get here easily.

The Kingsbridge Chapel in the Bronx, New York

Its a wonderful chapel with a large sacrament meeting room, many classrooms, pianos, and a nice organ.

Passing near the church is a major road called Grand Concourse. Hence, the three wards in the chapel are the Kingsbridge 1st (Spanish) Ward, the Kingsbridge 2nd (English) Ward, and the Concourse (Spanish) Ward, which we attend.

Our Concourse District includes one set of sisters, three sets of elders, and us:
Kneeling in front: Sister Cookson, Elder Nutall, Elder Hincapie. Standing in back: Sister Hutchison, Elder Freebairn, Elder Brower, Elder Eggleston, Elder Salceda, Elder Zimmerman, and Sister Zimmerman

After our district meeting, we joined with the other missionaries in our zone to have our picture taken before the upcoming transfers:
Seated front row: Sister Hutchison, Sister Cookson, Sister Brower, Sister Ramírez, Sister Johnson, Sister Brown, Sister Ek, Sister Boseman, Sister Zimmerman, and Elder Zimmerman. Back row standing: Elder Guerra, Elder Eggleston, Elder Brower, Elder Nutall, Elder Holtom, Elder Freebairn, Elder Hincapie, Elder Cheney, Elder Schmidt, Elder Murphy, Elder Salceda, Elder Paiz, Elder Richards, Elder Jessee.

Of course the young missionaries needed a "humorous" photo, so we went along:

These are absolutely wonderful young missionaries, and even though they hammed it up for the camera, they are very serious about their callings and their service in the New York New York North Mission.


  1. That last picture is my fave! Lookin' good!
    This blog will be fun to read. Keep it up and take care! Thanks for all your love and support. :)

  2. Elder & Sister Zimmerman, I think Elder Hincapie is from the Spanish ward that meets in our building here in Richmond, VA. Is his first name Daniel? He & his brother were really good friends with Naomi's boys growing up & I know he went to New York City North mission. His parents have since moved out to Utah, so he will go there when he gets off his mission. But what a small world that you got to meet him, he & his family are wonderful people. Love, Crystal Bradshaw Jones

  3. Crystal. Elder Daniel Hincapie left for home the day after we took his picture. He was an outstanding missionary. I wish I could have told him that I know you and Naomi. It is a small world. It's so nice to get a comment from you. I think so highly of your family. Love, Sister Beverly Zimmerman