Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dinners with the Missionaries

As with our other missions, we enjoy inviting the young missionaries to dinner. It gives them a break from their normal food preparation, lets them know that they are appreciated, gives them healthy food that they otherwise might not get, and helps them stretch their food budget.

On Preparation Day last week (September 2, 2015), we invited four elders to our apartment. Two others from a different district showed up, so we fed all six of them:
Clockwise from left: Elders Jair Barberán, Robert Kuo (who used to work here in Yonkers but now works in Scarsdale), Domenick Casper (Elder Kuo's companion), Spencer Jessee, Kody Wilson, and Jarom Essler.
 After dinner, we posed for this photo:
Front: Elders Essler, Barberán, Kuo. Back: Elders Zimmerman, Jessee, Wilson, Casper, and Sister Zimmerman
We ended the evening with a spiritual thought/scripture sharing lead by Elder Jessee.

This past Sunday (September 6) all three sets of missionaries who live in our building were able to come to the waffle dinner:
Elder Kody Wilson, Elder Jarom Essler, Elder Spencer Jessee, Sister Kayla Larsen, Sister Beverly Zimmerman, Sister Corallee Alexander (Sister Trainer), Elder Jair Barberán (District Leader)
It was Fast Sunday so the missionaries ate dozens of waffles, lots of fruit, nuts, strawberry jam,  syrup, and whipped topping. We ended the evening with Sister Zimmerman sharing a scripture.

We love our young missionaries.

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