Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Senior Missionary Couples' Trip to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

On Labor Day, September 7, 2015, the three Senior missionary couples who work in the mission office had a day off because their office building was closed. They took a trip to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and invited us to go with them. Here are some of our photos of the trip.

Our ferry that took us from Liberty State Park in New Jersey to Ellis and Liberty Islands. The Manhattan skyline is across the bay in the background with the One World Trade Center (the tallest building on the left).

The New Jersey pier that we departed from, with the Newark skyline in the background.

Ellis Island.

The main building of Ellis Island, through which millions of immigrants passed from 1892 to 1956, with peak years 1900-1920.

Entrance to the Main Building of Ellis Island.

Great Hall, Main Building, Ellis Island.

Sister Zimmerman, Sister Hunt, Elder Hunt, Sister Frei, and Elder Frei look over copies of interesting documents in the Great Hall.

These tables are located where the immigration officers sat at their desks as they interviewed the millions of new arrivals to America.

Waiting for the movie about Ellis Island to begin: Sister Beverly Zimmerman, Sister JoAnne Hunt, Elder Roy Hunt, Sister Colleen Gardner, Elder Henry Gardner, Sister Katherine Frei, and Elder Greg Frei.

We pose on Ellis Island with the Manhattan Skyline in the background across the New York Harbor.

Elder and Sister Frei, Sister and Elder Zimmerman, at the Statue of Liberty.

Us at the Statue of Liberty.

Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Close-up of the beautiful Statue of Liberty.

A view of the Statue of Liberty from the back.

A schooner passes by Liberty Island.

One of the ferries that goes from Manhattan or New Jersey to Ellis Island and Liberty Island.

Verrazano Narrows Bridge at the entry to the New York Harbor.

The Brooklyn Bridge as viewed from the New York Harbor.

The Empire State Building and other buildings in Mid-Manhattan.

The One World Trade Center, Manhattan.

Early-morning view of the Manhattan skyline as viewed from New Jersey.

The amazing southern tip of Manhattan Island.

It was a special day for us to remember the great sacrifices of our ancestors in coming to America, and the blessed country in which we live.

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