Sunday, September 6, 2015

Yonkers Ward Temple Trip

On Saturday, September 5, 2015, the Yonkers (Spanish) Ward held a temple trip for youth and adults to do baptisms for the dead and other ordinances in the Manhattan Temple. Those who wanted to go met at the church at 2:45 PM. We went to the church to greet and support those who were going to the temple, to see if the ward needed help in preparing to leave, and to find out if the ward needed an additional car to take members into Manhattan. We were able to do all three.

It was our first time driving from Yonkers to the temple and our first time to drive inside Manhattan. Everything went well. We were able to take three ward members in our car. The drive was about a half hour. We parked at Icon Parking, which is in the basement of the apartment building owned by the Church, and is just around the corner from the temple.

Whereas the ward usually has 8 to 10 members go on such trips, there were at least 25 people on this trip. Here we all are, after our service in the temple (click photo to enlarge):

We are on the far left. Elders Barberán and Wilson (partially obscured) are on the far right. Sisters Larsen (black skirt) and Alexander (pink skirt) are next to the elders. Bishop Domingo Linares is the tall man in the middle at back with the suit and red tie.

We loved participating in the temple trip, and we were happy to be able to drive. But if you ever decide park next to the temple at Icon Parking at 60 West 66th Street, be aware that it is not cheap. Here's our receipt for the two hours of parking:

It was a great day at the temple.

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